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Web chat widget like intercom; it allows customers to choose contact channels including WhatsApp, FB Messenger, phone, SMS, etc
15,000 Top podcast
Shopify WhatsApp Chat
A Shopify plugin to provide an intercom-like chat button, which redirects visitors to WhatsApp chats with customer support
25,000 preetamnath blog
Python Shell
Chrome extension that provides a convenient Python shell right in your browser
100 Reddit
Bootable USB
A blog of articles about boostable USB. Make money with AdSense
700 Reddit
A website that shows picture posts from Reddit
100 Reddit
Dress a cat
A basic website that lets you dress a cat on screen by dragging cloths on it
300 Reddit
Text Faces
A website that lets people copy & paste text faces like (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง. Revenue comes from ads
80 Reddit
WiFi Solver FDTD
Given the floorplan of an apartment and location of a WIFI router, this Android app visualizes how the WIFI electromagnetic waves propagate
160 HackerNews
Software for pet business owners. Features include online customer portals, vaccination record upload, marketing automation, etc. Customizable for animal types and breeds
2,200 HackerNews
Simple and fully featured mail server / SMTP service, without many complex options
Not disclosed Submitted by founder :)
Gorilla ROI
A Google Sheets addon to easily import data from Amazon FBA to Google Sheets, replacing tedious manual data entry
12,000 StarterStory (submitted here by founder)
Desktop app that allows users to manual/auto test most common browsers. Target users are those who don't want to use the similar cloud-based services
Not disclosed HackerNews
Software to run digital signage on Raspberry Pi. It's easy to install and provides intuitive web UI to manage digital signage
Not disclosed HackerNews
A fun online typing game with a community site
600 HackerNews
Offset Earth
Subscription service that let users and businesses easily fund climate projects, such as tree planting. It charges 12.5% out of users' fund
42,000 Open Metrics
BatteryBar Pro
An accurate battery meter for Windows. It provides accurate remaining time estimation, notifications, and various custom settings
1,000 HackerNews
A blog about growing business and startups, and failure experiences, written by an entrepreneur who sold online business at age 26 for over $1 million. Making money by ads and affiliate sales
1,000 HackerNews
P.Eng. Applicant
A WordPress blog documenting the process of getting a professional engineering license in Canada. Making money by Adsense and affiliate sales
15 HackerNews
Coffee grinder upgrade
Breville Coffee Grinder's impeller wears out easily and is hard to buy. This page sells a 3D-printed version of the impeller
425 HackerNews
Provides API for location services, such as API for reverse geocoding (translate a location description to latitude & longitude)
15,000 StarterStory
Chrome extension to provide CRM and marketing automation right in Gmail. Features include auto follow up, handy shortcuts, analytics, etc
1,000 patwalls blog
A web app to plan for future cashflow. Users input transactions and income, and it visualizes future cashflow, monthly breakdown, etc
500 WeseCash blog
Kenji ROI
Amazon listing optimization service, including high-quality product images & videos, description for better conversion, etc
700,000 StarterStory
Marketing automation, with focus on LinkedIn lead generation
5,000 Medium
Fully managed WordPress hosting
85,000 Kinsta blog
Online mindmap drawer; also provides features like collaborative editing and Kanban board task management
150,000 TechCrunch
An app to schedule and repeat social media content
1,000 StarterStory