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Name Description estimated MRR / $ Sources
Marketing automation for online creators (bloggers, Youtubers, designers, etc); providing features like email scheduling, subscriber analysis, landing page & signup form builder, etc
1,720,000 Open metrics
Increase ad revenue of publishers, by getting more bidders to bid on the ad inventories, and many other strategies
1,700,000 StarterStory
SaaS for marketing automation; features include email & follow-up automation, conversion metrics analysis, html mail builder, etc
700,000 blog
Kenji ROI
Amazon listing optimization service, including high-quality product images & videos, description for better conversion, etc
700,000 StarterStory
Help people create, sell, and manage high-quality online courses
500,000 Medium
Social media content scheduling; features include A/B test, reposting content
350,000 SaaS Club podcast
On-demand hire remote employees with experience at great companies
320,000 StarterStory
A platform that helps builders find manufacturers around the world
250,000 StarterStory
Social media management tool, with features like scheduling content, monitoring comments, analytics, etc
245,000 Medium
Cloud phone system for Sales & Support Teams: tracks phone calls and sms from CRM and Helpdesk, provides automation like auto dialer, sms campaigns, appointment scheduler, etc
240,000 GetLatka
Resource Guru
A shared calendar to schedule people and resource easily
177,000 StarterStory
Chili Pipper
SaaS to speed up sales process, with automation including meeting scheduling, starting phone calls, and matching the best available sales representative for a given prospective customer
170,000 GetLatka
A webapp to put together training courses, assign courses to employees, and track employees' progress of viewing the materials
160,000 Trainual blog
Online mindmap drawer; also provides features like collaborative editing and Kanban board task management
150,000 TechCrunch
A trusted online shop for high quality CBD products
130,000 IndieHackers (submitted here by founder/user)
Project management SaaS with features including issue tracking, version control, help desk, file fync, wikis and chat
110,000 Ryan Robinson
Piwik PRO
Web analytics for the most secure areas, with full GDPR compliant
100,000 Company intro page
On Air Parking
A website that sells highly discounted airport parking reservations
100,000 StarterStory
Web analytics tool to track clicks, conversions and revenue
100,000 HackerNews
A suite of SaaS tools for customer support, including live chat, online knowledge base builder, collaborative team inbox, etc
100,000 Groove blog
Crazy Egg
Provides web analytics, heatmap, A/B testing tools, etc
90,000 QuickSprout
Fully managed WordPress hosting
85,000 Kinsta blog
Provide open-source blogging platform, with design template, visitor dashboard, etc
82,000 Ghost blog
Make it easy for small business to run referral programs (such as "invite a friend and get $20"), including social media sharing, sending media cards, etc
70,000 IndieHackers
Easily embeddable "buy now" and "add to cart" buttons for e-commerce websites
66,000 Mixergy podcast
A webapp to provide features for small online-business, including membership management, email marketing, and building sales funnels
55,000 IndieHackers
Two-side marketplace to hire software engineers for part-time work
55,000 IndieHackers