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Name Description estimated MRR / $ Sources
A website that helps non-technical people build tech projects. It provides tutorials and tool recommendations for non-tech makers
17,000 Twitter
Two-side marketplace to hire/become a programming mentor
12,000 IndieHackers
A platform that helps builders find manufacturers around the world
250,000 StarterStory
Provide open-source blogging platform, with design template, visitor dashboard, etc
82,000 Ghost blog
Provide a suite of common website features, such as subscription payments, form validation, landing page, and user dashboards
3,400 IndieHackers
Paddle Logger
iOS app for paddlers to track their journeys on water
2,500 IndieHackers
A suite of writing tools to automatically check typos and grammar mistakes, designed for writers
1,000 IndieHackers
Piwik PRO
Web analytics for the most secure areas, with full GDPR compliant
100,000 Company intro page
A Slack bot that interacts with people with company values, personal credit points, monthly stats, and leaderboards, to help build high-performance team culture
5,000 Oyestartups
A web form and survay builder specializing in complex logical flows
5,500 IndieHackers
A mobile app to write down positive things daily, to help people be healthier mentally
550 IndieHackers
On-demand hire remote employees with experience at great companies
320,000 StarterStory
Convert website to iOS & Android apps
10,000 IndieHackers
A javascript lib that helps create full-screen scrolling websites
15,000 Zentao
MEAN Studio
A studio that creates high-quality websites and apps for clients
1,500 HackerNews
Easily embeddable "buy now" and "add to cart" buttons for e-commerce websites
66,000 Mixergy podcast
A two-side market to connect your PR pitches to journalists in media like TechCrunch and Forbes.
30,000 EOFire podcast
Simple Analytics
A web analytics service that doesn't track users and provides clean dashboards
4,300 Open metrics
Provide a suite of common website features, such as payments, news letters, and custom error page
1,000 IndieHackers
Simple but effective Slack bot to run standups, meetings and polls, replacing questionnaires
2,000 Snovian.space
Remote Leaf
Web service that hand-picks high-quality remote job positions around the Internet, and sends to users the job openings that match their search settings
380 Remote Leaf
Easy-to-use mobile app to backup phone contacts
1,000 HackerNews
A webapp to put together training courses, assign courses to employees, and track employees' progress of viewing the materials
160,000 Trainual blog
Make it easy for small business to run referral programs (such as "invite a friend and get $20"), including social media sharing, sending media cards, etc
70,000 IndieHackers