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Cron job monitoring service for developers; it sends out alerts when things don't run on time, such as nightly backups, weekly reports, cron jobs, and scheduled tasks
3,000 IndieHackers (submitted here by founder)
Now what do I read?
A site to find book recommendations based on previous books you’ve enjoyed.
30 Submitted by founder :)
Help cloud-based apps to route traffic into a single, static IP, which facilitates integration with some 3rd party services
9,000 IndieHackers (submitted here by founder)
SEO audit tool for websites, helping websites to generate more leads
40,000 Marvin Russell (founder) blog
Daily newsletter of the best freelance jobs, hand-picked
8,800 IndieHackers
Increase ad revenue of publishers, by getting more bidders to bid on the ad inventories, and many other strategies
1,700,000 StarterStory
Chili Pipper
SaaS to speed up sales process, with automation including meeting scheduling, starting phone calls, and matching the best available sales representative for a given prospective customer
170,000 GetLatka
Provides advice & reviews for sustainable (greentech) products
340 Niko's blog (submitted by founder)
Batteries for Mac
MacOS app to track all Apple device batteries remotely and get notified when they need recharging
1,000 Submitted by founder :)
A nice-looking low-poly image pattern generator
500 Submitted by founder :)
Job board for remote jobs
37,000 Open metrics
A trusted online shop for high quality CBD products
130,000 IndieHackers (submitted here by founder/user)
Website for investors to find profitable stock option credit spread opportunities
2,000 HackerNews (submitted here by founder/user)
High-quality, interactive online courses for coding; making money by selling courses (on-demand, not subscription)
40,000 Submitted by founder :)
Online courses for coding skills, with great support for interview preparation, especially system design interviews
42,000 GeekWire
Web Scraping API that can handle rotating proxies and headless browsers
4,100 IndieHackers (submitted here by founder)
Cloud phone system for Sales & Support Teams: tracks phone calls and sms from CRM and Helpdesk, provides automation like auto dialer, sms campaigns, appointment scheduler, etc
240,000 GetLatka
Shared inbox for teams to manage emails, sms and whatsapp as a team; integrated with common CRM, Cloud Phone System, etc
6,250 Reddit
SwissDev Jobs
Job searching website for software dev jobs in Switzerland. Hiring ompanies have to provide full methodology, technology stack and salary range
290 IndieHackers (submitted here by founder)
Web app to create email digests from sources like Twitter, Reddit, RSS and Hacker News.
150 Submitted by founder/user :)
Boxy Suite
A premium suite of Mac clients for Gmail, Google Calendar and other Google apps
4,000 Submitted by founder :)
BA Net
Crypo currency payment buttons and WordPress payment plugins
700 Submitted by founder/user :)
Web app to manage a maid service; features include calendar & scheduling, auto email reminder, credit card processing, invoicing, etc
42,000 StarterStory
All-in-one management platform for small businesses , features including creating proposals, sending invoices, Trello-like task tracking, etc
9,000 IndieHackers
Web app that streamlines the workflow of a team to discuss, approve, coordinate, and schedule social media content
40,000 GetLatka
Social media management tool - schedule posts, track stats, manage multiple platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc) in one place
10,000 Mixergy
Web app to visualize and prioritize roadmap and tasks
20,000 GetLatka