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Name Description estimated MRR / $ Sources
Browser automation built for enterprises
35,000 Submitted by founder :)
An end-to-end college counseling service that helps students find their passion and enabling them to pursue it in their best-fit school
50,000 CareerMove
Mobile app that allows you to store pictures in the cloud fully encrypted
560 Medium
Web app to create Android games without coding
6,000 Creator's blog
Text Drop
A simple web-based editor to edit text files in Dropbox using a web browser, designed for situations where you don't have Dropbox installed, like when you're at work
40 HackerNews
Simple website and server uptime monitoring; it checks a server every minute, and sends email & SMS alerts when server is down
160 HackerNews
SaaS that helps collect feedback & feature requests from users, allowing users to upvote features and see features dev progress in a Kanban board
1,300 CareerMove
On Air Parking
A website that sells highly discounted airport parking reservations
100,000 StarterStory
Kanban Mail
Web app that turns email inbox into a clear Kanban board
144 Open metrics
Product Disrupt
Newsletter & resource lists of disruptive design and thoughts, helping users to build better products
108 OyeStartups (submitted here by founder)
An eBay search engine for buyers, with advanced features like word filters. Making money using eBay affiliate programs
500 HackerNews
Slack bot that let you accept anonymous messages (feedback, questions, etc) from your teammates
1,500 Pawelur Banek blog
Saber Feedback
Help websites collect customer feedbacks. It provides embeddable feedback buttons, forms, WordPress plugins, and sends reports to JIRA, Slack, etc
3,000 Saber blog
Bingo Card Creator
Makes and sells bingo cards, mostly for elementary schoolteachers
3,500 patio11 blog
How a car works
Videos and short essays that explain car components. Making money with video courses & PDF tutorial copies
200 Howacarworks blog
GA Insights
Automatic anomaly detection and scheduled reports pulled directly from Google Analytic account
3,400 IndieHackers (submitted here by founder)
Building Muscle
An ebook on how to build muscle; making money mainly from Amazon referral fees
1,000 HackerNews
Standup Jack
Slack bot to organize team daily standups
1,000 HackerNews
API to Extract tabular data from images and PDFs
800 IndieHackers (submitted here by founder)
How to Make An RPG
A book that teaches people how to make an RPG game from scratch
1,000 HackerNews
Lunch Money
A personal finance and budgeting tool with native multicurrency support. It is delightfully simple budgeting, taking on big names like Mint.
1,000 IndieHackers (submitted here by founder)
Find the cheapest bulk products (1000 units per purchase) on Amazon; help people get the best deal per unit when buying packs like Pop-Tarts, Lego, diapers, toilet paper
30 Submitted by founder :)
Trump News Today
An aggregation of recent articles, tweets, and video featuring Donald Trump, with content from viewpoints across the entire political spectrum
30 HackerNews
Collect customer feedback with great gamified experience, rather than just boring surveys
2,000 IndieHackers
Resource Guru
A shared calendar to schedule people and resource easily
177,000 StarterStory
A marketplace to connect job seekers with relevant recruiters
1,000 StarterStory
Client Portal
WordPress plugin that shows clients the progress of their projects with all relevant files. Clear and professional communication
4,000 StartupsForRestOfUs