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Name Description estimated MRR / $ Sources
It finds media coverage opportunities in twitter, and sends you daily digest emails
1,000 Medium
Marketing automation for online creators (bloggers, Youtubers, designers, etc); providing features like email scheduling, subscriber analysis, landing page & signup form builder, etc
1,720,000 Open metrics
Candy Japan
A subscription service that irregularly sends you Japanese candy & snacks, at most twice a month
1,000 Candy Japan blog
Social media content scheduling; features include A/B test, reposting content
350,000 SaaS Club podcast
SaaS for marketing automation; features include email & follow-up automation, conversion metrics analysis, html mail builder, etc
700,000 Customer.io blog
SaaS to publish beautiful software documentation, with features like markdown, search, doc versions, and forum
800 HackerNews
App to transfer files over LAN securely without connecting to server
1,000 HackerNews
Every Day
A habit tracking app (web + iOS + Android) that helps people to form new habits
5,000 Reddit
A writing service to create quality content for clients
3,300 Reddit
Online video editor
5,100 Veed
Collects customer feedback for websites. Features: show roadmap as Kanban board, upvotes, collect comments, changelog, etc
3,500 Canny blog
Crazy Egg
Provides web analytics, heatmap, A/B testing tools, etc
90,000 QuickSprout
Built With
A web app to find out the tech stack of a given website
40,000 Medium
No-code website builder that allows you to choose templates and configure with just Google Sheet
360 Creator's blog
Social media management tool, with features like scheduling content, monitoring comments, analytics, etc
245,000 Medium
Web analytics tool to track clicks, conversions and revenue
100,000 HackerNews
Tool that automatically converts existing AWS AutoScaling groups to cheaper EC2 instances
450 HackerNews
Project management SaaS with features including issue tracking, version control, help desk, file fync, wikis and chat
110,000 Ryan Robinson
Dabble Me
A journal service that reminds you with emails, and saves your response emails as entries in your journal
500 Creator's blog
UI Movement
Weekly newsletter for great UI design; making money by newsletter sponsorships
1,000 Medium
Browser automation built for enterprises
35,000 Submitted by founder :)
An end-to-end college counseling service that helps students find their passion and enabling them to pursue it in their best-fit school
50,000 CareerMove
Mobile app that allows you to store pictures in the cloud fully encrypted
560 Medium
Web app to create Android games without coding
6,000 Creator's blog
Text Drop
A simple web-based editor to edit text files in Dropbox using a web browser, designed for situations where you don't have Dropbox installed, like when you're at work
40 HackerNews
Server Check.in
Simple website and server uptime monitoring; it checks a server every minute, and sends email & SMS alerts when server is down
160 HackerNews
SaaS that helps collect feedback & feature requests from users, allowing users to upvote features and see features dev progress in a Kanban board
1,300 CareerMove