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Name Description estimated MRR / $ Sources
Boxy Suite A premium suite of Mac clients for Gmail, Google Calendar and other Google apps 4,000 Submitted by founder :)
BA Net Crypo currency payment buttons and WordPress payment plugins 700 Submitted by founder/user :)
ZenMaid Web app to manage a maid service; features include calendar & scheduling, auto email reminder, credit card processing, invoicing, etc 42,000 StarterStory
Plutio All-in-one management platform for small businesses , features including creating proposals, sending invoices, Trello-like task tracking, etc 9,000 IndieHackers
Kontentino Web app that streamlines the workflow of a team to discuss, approve, coordinate, and schedule social media content 40,000 GetLatka
SocialBee Social media management tool - schedule posts, track stats, manage multiple platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc) in one place 10,000 Mixergy
AirFocus Web app to visualize and prioritize roadmap and tasks 20,000 GetLatka
Moonlight Two-side marketplace to hire software engineers for part-time work 55,000 IndieHackers
SiteGuru A SEO tool to crawl and analyze SEO issues of a given website 500 StarterStory
Image-Charts Generate dynamic-sized charts, easily configurable with URL parameters. A drop-in replacement of the deprecated Google Image Charts 4,400 IndieHackers
Feeder Chrome extension that tracks bookmarked websites and bundles them into feeds; it also supports filtering, notifications, etc 1,500 HackerNews
ManyPixels On-demand Design Services for a Flat Monthly Fee 50,000 LiveChatNinjas
Systeme A webapp to provide features for small online-business, including membership management, email marketing, and building sales funnels 55,000 IndieHackers
FlyPlugins a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create and sell online courses 23,000 IndieHackers
Makerpad A website that helps non-technical people build tech projects. It provides tutorials and tool recommendations for non-tech makers 17,000 Twitter
mkdev Two-side marketplace to hire/become a programming mentor 12,000 IndieHackers
Manufacturefy A platform that helps builders find manufacturers around the world 250,000 StarterStory
Ghost Provide open-source blogging platform, with design template, visitor dashboard, etc 82,000 Ghost blog
Gravity Provide a suite of common website features, such as subscription payments, form validation, landing page, and user dashboards 3,400 IndieHackers
Paddle Logger iOS app for paddlers to track their journeys on water 2,500 IndieHackers
Linguix A suite of writing tools to automatically check typos and grammar mistakes, designed for writers 1,000 IndieHackers
Piwik PRO Web analytics for the most secure areas, with full GDPR compliant 100,000 Company intro page
Karma A Slack bot that interacts with people with company values, personal credit points, monthly stats, and leaderboards, to help build high-performance team culture 5,000 Oyestartups
Tripetto A web form and survay builder specializing in complex logical flows 5,500 IndieHackers
Happyfeed A mobile app to write down positive things daily, to help people be healthier mentally 550 IndieHackers
Boldly On-demand hire remote employees with experience at great companies 320,000 StarterStory
Convertify Convert website to iOS & Android apps 10,000 IndieHackers