Profit Hunt

A growing list of profitable online projects 💻

Name Description estimated MRR / $ Update
On Air Parking a website to find cheap airport parking 100,000 10/14/2019
Bluetick A webapp to schedule and send personalized follow-up emails 1,000 10/14/2019
Crowd Work News A blog that helps people find remote jobs, and teaches people to make money working at home 13,000 10/14/2019
Proposify streamline the process of creating, coordinating, and signing of sales documents 570,000 10/14/2019
RevenueCat A mobile SDK that helps developers to handle in-app purchases and subscriptions 7,000 10/14/2019
Reftab Webapp to easily manage devices and equipment in IT departments 8,000 10/14/2019
Feedier Collect customer feedback with great gamified experience, rather than just boring surveys 2,000 10/14/2019
Resource Guru A shared calendar to schedule people and resource easily 170,000 10/13/2019
Recruiterly A marketplace to connect job seekers with relevant recruiters 1,000 10/13/2019
Client Portal A WordPress plugin that shows clients the progress of their projects with all relevant files. Clear and professional communication 7,000 10/13/2019
Upscribe Newsletter signup forms & feedback forms that can be easily embedded in Medium posts 5,000 10/13/2019
Checkli Make it easy to create and share checklists in a team 1,300 10/13/2019
Domain Index Sell datasets of domians (usually used to feed web crawlers) 1,300 10/13/2019
Graphite Docs Google Docs alternative with better privacy and security controls for enterprise 13,000 10/13/2019
SolidGigs Daily newsletter of the best freelance jobs, hand-picked 8,000 10/13/2019
MonetizeMore Increase ad revenue of publishers, by getting more bidders to bid on the ad inventories, and many more other strategies 1,700,000 10/12/2019
MazeEngineers Manufacture and sell mice mazes for scientific research 100,000 10/12/2019
Chili Pipper Instantly match the best available sales representative for a given prospective customer 250,000 10/12/2019
ZenMaid Make it easy to manage a maid service 400,000 10/12/2019
Gumroad E-commerce and social-media services for artists 400,000 10/12/2019
JoinIt Online membership management software. Its features include payment collection, mailing lists, configurable admin access, etc 18,000 10/12/2019
HireClub Twe-way market to hire/become a career coach. A coach provides daily messaging, 1-on-1 meetings, and job referrals 25,000 10/12/2019
Plutio A suite of web features to manage small businesses, including task tracking, inbox, calendar, etc 10,000 10/12/2019
Kontentino A webapp that streamlines the process for a team to discuss, approve, coordinate, and schedule social media content 50,000 10/12/2019
SocialBee Social media management tool - schedule posts, track stats, manage multiple platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc) in one place 10,000 10/12/2019
AirFocus A webapp to visualize and prioritize roadmap and tasks 15,000 10/12/2019
750 words "writing as meditation" - a private diary webapp that encourages you to write daily, and analyzes your essays to help you understand yourself better 20,000 10/12/2019
Keygen A toolkit for software sellers to manage licenses of desktop apps, on-demand apps, etc 4,000 10/12/2019
PowerPack Provides templates and addons for BeaverBuilder (a website builder) 20,000 10/12/2019
Moonlight Two-side marketplace to hire software engineers for part-time work 55,000 10/12/2019
E-Junkie Easily embeddable "buy now" and "add to cart" buttons for e-commerce websites 70,000 10/12/2019
JustReachOut A two-side market to connect your PR pitches to journalists in say TechCrunch and Forbes. 30,000 10/12/2019
Simple Analytics A web analytics service that doesn't track users and provides clean dashboards 2,000 10/12/2019
Sjabloon Provide a suite of common website features, such as payments, news letters, and custom error page 1,000 10/12/2019
Trainual A webapp to put together training courses, assign courses to employees, and track employees' progress of viewing the materials 160,000 10/12/2019
ReferralRock Make it easy for small business to run referral programs (such as "invite a friend and get $20"), including social media sharing, sending media cards, etc 70,000 10/12/2019
ManyPixels On-demand Design Services for a Flat Monthly Fee 57,000 10/12/2019
Systeme A webapp to provide features for small online-business, including membership management, email marketing, and building sales funnels 55,000 10/12/2019
FlyPlugins a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create and sell online courses 23,000 10/12/2019
Makerpad A website that helps non-technical people build tech projects. It provides tutorials and tool recommendations for non-tech makers 16,000 10/12/2019
mkdev Two-side marketplace to hire/become a programming mentor 12,000 10/12/2019
Manufacturefy A platform that helps builders find manufacturers around the world 250,000 10/12/2019
Ghost Provide open-source blogging platform, with design template, visitor dashboard, etc 130,000 10/12/2019
Gravity Provide a suite of common website features, such as subscription payments, form validation, landing page, and user dashboards 3,400 10/12/2019
Charged High-quality daily newsletter of tech news, plus exclusive community access 2,000 10/12/2019
Paddle Logger iOS app for paddlers to track their journeys on water 2,000 10/12/2019
IntroCave A webapp to build Youtube intro videos, by choosing a template and customize it 1,000 10/11/2019
Linguix A suite of writing tools to automatically check typos and grammar mistakes, designed for writers 1,000 10/11/2019
Piwik PRO Web analytics for the most secure areas, with full GDPR compliant 300,000 10/11/2019
Bookblock Manufacture custom corporate gift boxes (which could include cards, notebooks, wallets, etc) 260,000 10/10/2019
Karma A Slack bot that interacts with people with company values, personal credit points, monthly stats, and leaderboards, to help build high-performance team culture 7,000 10/10/2019
Tripetto A web form and survay builder specializing in complex logical flows 5,500 10/09/2019
Stone Sells practical & high-quality hardbound notebook 25,000 10/10/2019
Happyfeed A mobile app to write down positive things daily, to help people be healthier mentally 350 10/09/2019
Boldly On-demand hire remote employees with experience at great companies 320,000 10/08/2019
Doka An embeddable javascript image editor 3,000 10/08/2019
Image-Charts Generate dynamic-sized charts, easily configurable with URL parameters. A drop-in replacement of the deprecated Google Image Charts 2,500 10/08/2019
SiteGuru Find SEO issues of a website at one click 500 10/08/2019
Dashly Intercom-like messager and context-aware pop-ups 1,000 10/07/2019
Convertify Convert website to iOS & Android apps 5,000 10/07/2019
fullPage.js A javascript lib that helps create full-screen scrolling websites 15,000 10/07/2019