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Name Description estimated MRR / $ Sources
Pigeon Chrome extension to provide CRM and marketing automation right in Gmail. Features include auto follow up, handy shortcuts, analytics, etc 1,000 patwalls blog
WiseCash A web app to plan for future cashflow. Users input transactions and income, and it visualizes future cashflow, monthly breakdown, etc 500 WeseCash blog
Kenji ROI Amazon listing optimization service, including high-quality product images & videos, description for better conversion, etc 700,000 StarterStory
SimpleData Marketing automation, with focus on LinkedIn lead generation 5,000 Medium
Kinsta Fully managed WordPress hosting 85,000 Kinsta blog
MindMeister Online mindmap drawer; also provides features like collaborative editing and Kanban board task management 150,000 TechCrunch
OneUp An app to schedule and repeat social media content 1,000 StarterStory
Landen No-code website builder, designed for startup use cases (full site, landing page, idea validation, etc) 1,000 Landen
Hubstaff Employee time tracking and other productivity monitoring tools, as well as payroll & invoices 11,500 Hubstaff
Draftss On-demand graphic design & web development 3,300 Draftss blog
BugFender Provides mobile app remote logger, crash reports, and in-app user feedback tool, helping mobile app developers to find & fix issues faster 20,000 BugFender (submitted by founder)
Teachable Help people create, sell, and manage high-quality online courses 500,000 Medium
Groove A suite of SaaS tools for customer support, including live chat, online knowledge base builder, collaborative team inbox, etc 100,000 Groove blog
SimpleAnalytics Web analytics without using cookie or collecting personal data 4,400 SimpleAnalytics dashboard
JournoRequests It finds media coverage opportunities in twitter, and sends you daily digest emails 1,000 Medium
ConvertKit Marketing automation for online creators (bloggers, Youtubers, designers, etc); providing features like email scheduling, subscriber analysis, landing page & signup form builder, etc 1,720,000 Open metrics
Candy Japan A subscription service that irregularly sends you Japanese candy & snacks, at most twice a month 1,000 Candy Japan blog
MeetEdgar Social media content scheduling; features include A/B test, reposting content 350,000 SaaS Club podcast SaaS for marketing automation; features include email & follow-up automation, conversion metrics analysis, html mail builder, etc 700,000 blog
DocsApp SaaS to publish beautiful software documentation, with features like markdown, search, doc versions, and forum 800 HackerNews
Feem App to transfer files over LAN securely without connecting to server 1,000 HackerNews
Every Day A habit tracking app (web + iOS + Android) that helps people to form new habits 5,000 Reddit
Everscript A writing service to create quality content for clients 3,300 Reddit
Veed Online video editor 5,100 Veed
Canny Collects customer feedback for websites. Features: show roadmap as Kanban board, upvotes, collect comments, changelog, etc 3,500 Canny blog
Crazy Egg Provides web analytics, heatmap, A/B testing tools, etc 90,000 QuickSprout
Built With A web app to find out the tech stack of a given website 40,000 Medium